Webinar – The Private Equity Playbook – Part 2 – Value Creation Paths

Peloton Corporate

How can we double the value of this company?

This is the question that Private Equity is trying to answer when we look at a company.

There is no silver bullet, or one size fits all solution. Every company is unique and will demand a tailor-made Value Plan. 

However, the Private Equity industry has developed a series of value plays that consolidate the main actions to create company value.

This series of value plays is what we call the Playbook. 

There are several different plays on the Playbook and based on the company Cash Flow Structure we are going to choose one or a combination of plays that are going to create the most company value.

If you are a company owner, director, executive or advisor learning the Playbook is a must.

Check the second video of this series.

In this video, Luis discusses:

  • Vertical Sliding
  • Portfolio Managing
  • Horizontal Sliding
  • M&A

Contact Luis Senra at lsenra@peloton.group if you would like to discuss how the Private Equity Advisory can support your company’s value creation.